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Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Company Profile

A Master Class with FUTERRA’s founder, Solitaire Townsend

Friday 19th October | 10am - 4pm | €300 (includes an organic lunch)

Create knowledge. Challenge beliefs. Inspire action. Learn how great communications have the power to do this.  Shareholders and the public are demanding far more responsibility from companies. How companies respond to the pressing issues of today, such as climate change, will position them for success or failure tomorrow.

Participating in one of Futerra’s communications sessions will:

•    boost your confidence in planning and implementing campaigns

•    help you choose the best messages, channels and tone of voice to connect with your audience

•    teach you a range of effective communications techniques

•    show you what works and what doesn’t by looking at case studies from around the world

•    help you establish the facts and blow the common myths

•    give you an insight into the ten golden rules of communication

This Futerra workshop will take participants through the fundamentals of climate change and CSR messaging. It will teach those attending how to tailor their messages to particular audiences, and which approaches are most likely to persuade a particular audience to respond.

The workshop will provide insights on human responses to messages, based on extensive psychological studies and research. Participants will learn about language that works, and language that should be avoided in relation to environmental communications. It will encourage a greater consideration of motivating factors in climate change and CSR campaigns, looking at the kinds of communications that result in both attitude and behaviour change.

Futerra places great importance on active participation in the workshop, and those attending will be encouraged to put their learning into practice through games and activities.

Solitaire Townsend M.A, M.Prof.
is co-founder and Managing Director of Futerra. She has led Futerra's consultancy work with business and government, including internal communications, media management and strategy for sustainable development. She has experience of communications over a wide diversity of sectors.

Solitaire is a member of the United Nations Advisory Group on Advertising and Sustainable Development, the Institute of Public Relations Steering group on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Forum for the Future Steering Group on Marketing and Sustainable Development.

Cultivate Centre is recognised as the leading NGO in promoting and facilitating the uptake of sustainable solutions in Ireland, across all sectors and engaging at all levels. (State bodies and local authorities we work with include: Sustainable Energy Ireland, Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire /Rathdown City Council, Fingal City Council and their associated Development Boards, DOElG, DCMNR, EPA, Enterprise Ireland, COMHAR, the Heritage Council, Department of Foreign Affairs, Business in the Community Ireland, and local as well as national NGOs and civil society organisations across the island).

We produce a continuing series of training events and educational programming on various aspects of sustainability, and have done so since 1999. Our events are characterised by lively discussion, high relevance, leading edge thinkers, and cross sectoral discussion. Participants are consistently enthusiastic about their experience.

Places are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis

More information, please contact
Cultivate Centre: tel- (01) 674 5773


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