Community Powerdown Trainers Review

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Community Resilience26th November 2010 | 1:30pm to 4:30pm | €Free of charge - For Powerdown Trainers Only | Cultivate at the Greenhouse, St Andrews Street, Dublin 2 (map) | Booking 01 674 5773 

This afternoon meeting is an opportunity to share what is working, how best to secure funding and an update on course content as we change the name of the course from Community Powerdown to Community Resilience. Resilience from a community point of view refers to the capacity of a community to overcome adversity and adapt to change positively. The unprecedented floods and the big freeze that Ireland endured last winter highlights how unprepared we are to cope with any unexpected incidents and the level of our vulnerability.

'Community Resilience' is a 10-week learner-centred course that facilitates possible actions that can be made locally to adapt to the challenges upon us. These actions include; integrated and future-focussed approaches to the rebuilding of social capital and systems of reciprocity; the reduction of carbon emissions and fossil fuel use; and the development of community resilience around food, energy and buildings. Tools and processes to help communities to engage in the sustainable economic development of their area are also included.