A Crash Course in Resilience - Workshops

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Postponed to 2012 | €20 per session or €50 for three | The Greenhouse, St Andrew Street, Dublin 2 (map)

A three-evening course exploring community resilience in these times of rapid change. Following on from the 10-week Community Powerdown course that Cultivate developed and has hosted across Ireland, comes a learning  journey based on the new Cultivate film,  'Surfing the Waves of Change' and Carnegie Trust's new publication, 'Exploring Community Resilience in Times of Rapid Change'.  The course will take place over 3 evenings and explore how we and our local communities can cope – and even thrive - through these difficult times.

Download a copy of Carnegie Trust's 'Exploring Community Resilience' HERE.

These 3 sessions will be hosted by Cultivate's Davie Philip who developed and directed both the Powerdown Show and the new Surfing the Waves of Change film. Davie has been a catalyst for Transition initiatives across Ireland and is a resident of the Cloughjordan Ecovillage.

This course is for anyone interested in change, working with groups or enquiring into sustainability and resilience.  It is perfect for change makers, social entrpreneurs and any one experimenting with new solutions to chronic challenges.