Facilitating Community Resilience - Training the Hosts

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Surfing3.jpgSaturday & Sunday January 28th and 29th 2012 | 09.30 – 17.00 | €150 | The Greenhouse, St Andrew Street, Dublin 2 (map)

Cultivate is offering this 2-day training session for people who see themselves as catalysts for change in their local community and who want to support others in understanding the challenges of community resilience.

The intention of this course is to build the capacity of people to adapt and host Cultivate’s Community Powerdown course in their own communitie as a spur for more local actions. Extensive use of active learning methodologies, games and 10 short films developed especially for this course, means that the trainer does not have to be an expert in the content.  The role, rather, is to generate and sustain inspiring and challenging conversations that in turn become a platform for action. 

Hosts will be given a DVD with the 10 films that are used in the delivery of the learning plus two PDF handbooks, one for the learners, and one for the trainers themselves. The training outlines the sequence of learning, the facilitation techniques, the methodologies utilised and how to guide the exercises. Hosts are encouraged to work flexibly, responding to the needs of participants within the broad design and flow of the course as a whole.