Open Everything : A Collaborative Economy Convergence

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Cultivate, WeCreate Workspace and the P2P Foundation are delighted to host Open Everything, from Wednesday 10th to Sunday 14th September 2014 in Dublin, Limerick and Cloughjordan, a series of events that brings together cooperative advocates, community activists, and commons animators to share perspectives and ideas on the question, “How can a commons-based collaborative economy strengthen the resilience of our communities?”  

communityThese events will explore and further a commons approach to building and stewarding shared resources, building community resilience and creating meaningful livelihoods.

The highlights include a major conference that will reimagine cooperatives and look at how the cooperative model could facilitate sustainable livelihoods and service provision in our communities.  We will be introducing peer production and open hardware in both the Limerick and Cloughjordan Fab Labs. A symposium will examine the potential of the old idea of the commons, which is now being rethought with new ideas from the open source community and the cooperative movement.

If we are to make the changes that are needed to adapt to climate change, or to connect with each other in deeper ways and strengthen our resilience, we need to revive the commons. This series of events is for anyone interested or active in doing that.

See the website for full schedule and details.

Places are limited. Book now.