Facilitating Flourishing Communities

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new ways of learning22 April 2015 | Cost €70 for funded participants, €35 if un-funded or active in this area and €20 for Cultivate or Ecovillage members. There are two bursary placements available for low income or job seekers who would benefit from attending. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is a one-day workshop in the art of facilitating transformative conversations. Conversations are the main medium by which people and communities change. The best conversations open us up, stimulate us, give us access to bigger views and new perspectives, make us feel part of a larger whole and lead to coherent actions. The worst conversations repeat pre-conceived views, involve no listening and change nothing. This workshop will introduce practices that support effective dialogue. The processes to be introduced in this session include the following:

  • Circle Work – asserting equality and inclusivity in place of hierarchy
  • Appreciative Inquiry – valuing what’s there, rather than starting with problems
  • Café Seminar – encouraging participation and cross-fertilisation
  • Open Space – enabling self-organising in line with where the energy is