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Future Proof Kilkenny, who are promoting the transition concept in the south east are hosting an innovative series of informal lunchtime talks and workshops entitled the ‘Global Lunch Box’. These will explore local responses to the global uncertainties of climate change and peak oil.

front-peak-oil.jpgLunchbox #1 Peak Oil Primer!
Thursday 8th May 13:10

Oil prices are rising and people are beginning to ask ‘will we ever run out?’ The truth, of course, is that we started to run out when the first barrel came out of the ground. Peak oil, however, is the moment in time when global supply reaches an all time high and then goes into decline. That time is round about now, and, as demand outstrips supply this will have a dramatic impact on the global economy and our way of life. Featuring a short documentary on the history of oil, this ‘lunchbox’ will explain peak oil, why it is such an important issue, and what positive opportunities this crisis may bring.

newsletter-climate-change.jpgLunchbox #2 Climate Change Café
Thursday 15th May 13:10

We are all used to talking about the weather but when it comes toclimate change it’s the definitive conversation stopper. It’s thegreatest challenge facing humanity but the last thing we want to talkabout. And yet we must talk about it; in our communities, ourworkplaces, our families, and yes, even in our lunch hour! This‘lunchbox’ is a chance to learn some of the basic science behindclimate change and to discuss how individuals and communities canrespond to the issue.

newsletter-stuff.jpgLunchbox #3 The Story of Stuff
Thursday 22nd May 13:10

From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff inour lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this ishidden from view. It can even be said that industrial society is simplya way of turning natural resources into landfill. The Story of Stuff isa short documentary that exposes the connections between a huge numberof environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create amore sustainable and just world.

Lunchbox #4 Making the Transitionnewsletter-transition.jpg
Thursday 29th May 13:10

What are our vulnerabilities to the converging crises of climatechange and peak oil? How can we use them as opportunities? Could theybe the push we need to revitalise our local economies, strengthen ourcommunities and make the transition to a sustainable future? This‘lunchbox’ will explore these possibilities and conclude with anoverview of the inspiring, hopeful and rapidly expanding transitiontown movement.

Butler House, tea & coffee on arrival, duration 40min,
admission 3euro, all welcome.

Phone/Text: 087066585
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.