Community Gardens

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community_garden.jpgAs one of the visible projects of transition initiatives are community gardens lets explore what they are. Community gardens transform unused spaces in our towns and cities into green vibrant spaces. They are normally collaborative projects created by members of the community; residents share in both the maintenance and the harvest of the garden. The simple act of planting a garden can create positive environmental, economic, and social impacts on a neighborhood. Community gardens foster cultural understanding and an awareness of the environment around us.

Here is a report on a recent fundraiser for Kinsale Transition Town’s community garden and news on a new garden initiative in Wicklow.


Kinsale, West Cork

A whopping €740 was raised for the community garden in Kinsale from the Quiz Night on 27th February.  Activities were much more than your typical pub quiz. Spot prizes abounded for those with the nerve to get up and be asked to do something embarrassing like imitate a dying duck or sing a song. A realistic scene of eviction was enacted by professional actors playing a Policeman and a peasant girl, dropping hints for questions that would arise in the history round later on. Almost everyone went away with a prize of some sort and we look forward to the next one with baited answer sheet. Let’s face it, Transition Town Kinsale know how to do these things with flair, originality, a sense of fun and adventure.

One major challenge with the Community Garden at the moment is finding the time to give it the attention it deserves, so they are currently looking for any volunteers, even just to do some watering every couple of days. This would be greatly appreciated. Contact David – 087 3185164 or Virginia – 087 9356652.

Other work to be done at the moment involves giving it a good clean up, adding a bench, laying paths and basically preparing it for the coming summer months. A series of workshops will also take place, more of which later. Otherwise work continues every Sunday from 1 – 4pm.


'The Garden' are in the process of starting up a community garden project in the Greystones, Kilcoole area. The intention is to develop a model site which will in turn inspire additional projects, all under the banner of 'The Garden'. We are still in the assessment/consultation stage with the land owners for a number of sites but hope to break ground in the near future.  For us, we see this as the beginning of the journey towards making our towns, and those around us, more resilient and sustainable.  Our web site is fairly basic but gives some contact details etc.