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fada.gifFADA Newbridge organised a free Energy Workshop in Ryston Social Centre on Saturday 12th of April. The event was organised in order to assist local people in Newbridge on choosing suitable alternative and sustainable energy systems such as wood pellet boilers, solar panels for water heating as well heat pumps. These cheaper alternative heating systems to oil and gas are becoming particularly relevant considering the rising costs of both fuels over the past year.

See below for a report  on this workshop and news on a weekend permaculture course in Newbridge with Graham Strouts.

The workshop was attended by Dr. Patrick Waterfield, an energy consultant from Belfast who gave a very informative talk on how these various alternative systems operate as well as advice on the importance of insulation. FADA members Triona Muldoon and Katerina Karantzi provided practical information on building Energy Ratings and how to apply for grants from sustainable Energy Ireland. This was followed by talks from Dr. Jean Fletcher and Adrian Geissel who gave brief presentations on the pros and cons of wood pellet boilers and solar panels that they installed in their own homes respectively. The workshop was followed by a question and answer session over tea and coffee.

On April 10th FADA hosted a documentary screening, "The Power of Community – How Cuba survived peak oil <> ” as part of the groups’ Climate Change and Peak Oil community information programme at the Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. The multiple screenings were preceded with a talk by FADA member and journalist Brian Kaller on how Peak Oil and Climate Chaos will impact on all our lives in the near future.

160 students from 5 local secondary schools, 2nd to 5th year, including teachers attended the morning screening. Each school received compost, pots, seed trays or incubators and every pupil was given seeds before they left courtesy of Johnstown Garden Centre .

The evening event was host to 40 people and the feedback was very positive with most people believing they would make changes in their own lives based on what they learned from attending.

Both events were funded by the Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund 2007 through Kildare County Council.

Upcoming Events                                              

Weekend Permaculture Course 14th/15th of June,

graham2.jpgVENUE - the grounds of The Kildare SteinerSchool, Ratharigid Price- €75 This course will cover a basic introduction on the theory of permaculture and somepractical application in the garden. The course will be given by Graham Strouts Ireland's leading permaculture expert, and is the coordinator of the Practical Sustainability course at Kinsale Further Education College.

Places are limited. Intrested call Kate 05991 62867