Community Resilience Planning

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caution.gifThe ideas from Richard Heinburg’s recent Muse Letter, ‘Resilient Communities: A Guide to Disaster Management’   and his presentation at the fantastic Positive Energy   event in Findhorn last month could be worth us exploring here in Ireland. 

His proposals aim to help make communities better able to respond to the coming economic shocks, climate shocks and from resource depletion.

 "Resilience: The ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune; buoyancy; the ability to absorb shocks."

Richard is inspired by Naomi Klein's recent book, ‘The Shock Doctrine’, which outlines how business leaders and politicians seize the opportunity of disasters, war, and economic upheavals to introduce their dodgy economic and social policies that in normal circumstances would be rejected. Crisis therefore equals opportunity for those who are prepared to seize the day. He states ‘unless sensible plans to manage disaster are formulated and put forward now, the opportunity afforded by crisis will be hijacked by a familiar cast of characters.’

He of course tips his hat to Transition and mentions David Fleming’s work as well as our friends at RESET .

This could be very appropriate for our work. Your thoughts appreciated!