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Transition Town Kenmare

This post is by Graham Strouts from his excellent Zone 5 blog


There was a great turn out for the first meeting to start the Transition process in Kenmare, Co. Kerry, which took place Thursday night May 1st at the Brooklane Hotel.

The meeting was organised by Oonagh Comerford who did a great job in inspiring people to come out. I gave a short talk about Peak Oil, the Kinsale college and permaculture, and how the Energy Descent Plan came to be written, sowing the seeds for the Transition network in the UK and now Ireland. We also watched an Australian documentary Four Corners- Peak Oil? which includes a trip to Ballydehob and an interview with Colin Campbell. It was great to see a thicket of hands go up when I asked how many had home gardens.

Kenmare is clearly well placed and ahead of the game in that respect. And there is already a small group who have started a community garden so congratulations all for that. Discussions during the meeting included asking how much land precisely would each person need to feed themselves- “five acres and a cow” was one response- to what might we substitute for wheat as supplies decline. There will be a follow-up meeting on June 4th when the film The Power of Community- How Cuba Survived peak Oil will be shown -we promise!