Transition Ireland Network

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By Graham Strouts Zone 5 

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On Saturday the 5th of April at the Powerdown Symposium at Cultivate saw the inaugural meeting of people from around Ireland interested in starting a Transition process in their town. More than 60 people attended the meeting with a dozen or more towns represented.

The main meeting was lead by Ben Bragwyn co-founder of the UK Transition Network who spoke about the origins of the concept and took us through the 12 Steps to Transition. Davie Philip will co-ordinate the network here through the Cultivate Centre.


Right - Ben Barngwyn from Transition Network in the UK addresses the Convergence Festival (Picture Graham Strouts)


A discussion took place as to what the criteria would be for joining and how “local” could the process be made in terms of specific process. Ben assured us that the key thing to remember for a Transition town - as opposed to, say, a purely Climate Change group - is building community resilience. This is a response that recognizes the wider implications of fossil fuel dependency and works to create sustainability rather than reduction of emissions.


Davie Phillip of Cultivate writes:


“The first step in getting the Irish network up and running is getting a few more communities recognised by the Transition Network in the UK. There are currently only two official Transition initiatives in Ireland, Kinsale and Hollywood. From the meeting it is clear that Newbridge, Monaghan, Cloughjordan, Kilkenny and Tralee could all be very close to fulfilling the steps to be recognised officially.”


Cultivate are also running a series of Transition Training events to give communities some of the tools they need to follow the process- the first one is already fully booked but check the Cultivate website for updates.