A Sustainable Development Plan for Meath

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At a time when oil has reached $126 per barrel and is predicted to reach $200 per barrel within 2 years, the policy of building a four lane, tolled motorway, the M3, through the heart of Meath must be questioned for its practicality and value for money.

The Meath MASTER Plan proposes a community-centred, better value alternative to the M3. The plan provides for a transport network firmly based on Rail, and Coach services which will take upto two-thirds of journeys off the N3 national road. This will both reduce C02 emissions from transport in Meath and allow for the replacement of the M3 with a road project of much more realistic scale in the Swedish 2+1 format. More importantly it will greatly improve quality of life for Meath people by allowing them to easily work and live in their county instead of being forced to commute to Dublin everyday.

Local employment will be provided via transport, education and tourism opportunities in the UNESCO World Heritage Park proposed for the region. This Heritage Park will encompass the main heritage sites of the Tara and Boyne Landscapes, Trim, Kells, Teltown and others with heritage cycling trails connecting all sites including reconstructions of those in the Gabhra Valley. 

Please come to show your support for a real "Quality of Life" solution for the people of Meath, that can reduce their dependence on oil and also protect the valuable heritage of Tara and it surroundings.

For information on the sustainable development plan for Meath see http://www.meathmasterplan.com 

 For details of the march to support the plan see below. 

March for a Sustainable Transport and HeritageSolution for Meath. 

Saturday May 17th, 3pm, Garden of Remembrance

The march starting at the Garden of Remembrance and proceeding to Dail Eireann will promote the Meath MASTER Plan.  Guest speakers at the march will outline what the Plan means to them and the event will be a positive and constructive chance to engage with the issues involved, according to the organisers.

For details on the arrangements for the Meath MASTER Plan March, please contact:Terri Murray  086 8886135

Co-authors of the Meath MASTER Plan, environmental campaigner Tadhg Crowley and transport researcher Brian Guckian, stated: "The Meath MASTER Plan is a huge opportunity to be grasped, with very significant economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits. It is something that everyone can have ownership of, and our message is that there is a solution, and that it can be implemented right now".

For details on the content of the Meath MASTER Plan, please contact: 

Brian Guckian  087 9140105     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                   

Tadhg Crowley 085 7159013   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.