Eco-building Workshop in Natural Insulating Plaster

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Monday 16th June | 3.00pm | Bourke’s Hardware Borrisoleigh

This workshop featuring a presentation by Mr. Marcus McCabe of Hempire Building Ltd, is open to the public.

It is because of growing public interest in ‘eco-building’ that local businessman, Philly Bourke, has been developing a partnership arrangement over the past six months with several suppliers in order to bring together a range of ecological home and garden products at Bourke’s Hardware,  A basic principle of ecological building is simply to have our homes sufficiently insulated and so allow for a more efficient use of energy in the heating of houses – common sense in a time of rising energy prices.  However, the cost of ‘traditional’ insulating material is also rising rapidly.

With this in mind, Marcus McCabe began researching the most viable forms of insulation available, which may be produced in Ireland and have minimal impact on the environment. The Hempire team were to discover that industrial hemp and lime plaster mix, a technique practiced since at least the 5th century but forgotten in recent times, offers the best solution in the Irish climate conditions.

As McCabe notes; ‘Hempire Building Plaster is a unique ready mixed plaster made from the chopped stem of the industrial hemp plant and reacted with lime and pozzolan in a novel process. This process enables rapid drying and hardening making it compatible with both modern and traditional building methods. It is made from sustainable building materials sourced entirely from Ireland and the UK and has been designed specifically for zero carbon buildings.’

The key benefit of using industrial hemp is in relation to agriculture, where it can both provide farming families with a viable income and function as an excellent break crop in tillage rotation systems.  In environment terms, hemp can draw carbon from the atmosphere, circa 1.8 tonnes of carbon to every hectare planted – so building your home can help offset climate change.

The workshop has already attracted considerable interest; and, given the wide range of complimentary expertise in the local area, it is likely that this workshop will provide a broad educational perspective for all interested parties.