Clonmel/South Tipperary Transition Initiative

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Pat Fleming writes:  Following the Convergence Strategies Conference I was all fired up as I returned home to Clonmel and only looking for an opening with anyone to spread the 'Transition' virus. The following day I bumped into an acquaintance MM a senior lecturer in Tipp Institute in sustainable energy, who was looking for something new in his work to re-ignite his passion. Four meetings later along with four cups of coffee, we had put together the launch programme for the Clonmel Transition Initiative – two film screenings using Tipp Institutes excellent resources and four 'lunchbox' presentation events.

We have now had three events, all very successful with up to 80 individuals participating at one or all of the events – 40 on the first night, then 50 on the second evening [with plenty of new faces], and up to 25 at the first lunchbox, again with some new faces.

The steering which started with two has now grown to seven.

The events have attracted individuals from other communities in county Tipp and Waterford, some of whom have already expressed an interest in initiating something similar in their neck of the woods. Because of the Tipp Inst link we got invited to a gathering of community leaders from two of the local villages and have not just sown seeds for Transition, but fired up a few key folks who now want to start the process.

We intend to create a resource of films, short animations [Power of Stuff, etc – and many other similar very clever media or memes as they are called on some sites; i.e. check out] and make them available to the vast network of local communities in South Tipp when they start to move to Transition.

What is clear already about this initiative is that the conversation has begun in earnest and is going viral as we speak, aided by almost perfect timing from the series of recent unfoldings on the economic, energy and climate fronts.

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