Community Powerdown Course

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Learning to respond to Climate Change and Oil Depletion

Tuesdays from 9th Oct to 11th Dec | 7.30-9.30pm | €200

This popular Cultivate course aims to provide citizens and community leaders with a range of practical measures that can be taken at both individual and community level to reduce fossil fuel dependency and cut carbon dioxide emissions. Over the ten weeks, using short presentations, discussions and multimedia, participants will explore a more ethical and sustainable way of life that values efficiency, community and the conservation of natural resources.  Course fee includes a course note booklet and DVD.

what previous participants have to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have ordered friends to attend the next cycle of classes! I found the course very interesting, thought provoking and, above all, hopeful. At the moment courses like this are on the fringes and have to be sought  out but in the very near future these courses will be seen as essential.”  

                - Brendan Campbell, Solicitor 

“This course has made me more aware of the connectedness of everything, and has given me a vocabulary with which to discuss sustainability, etc. It has given me a tiny modicum of hope for the future — but also (conversely) a sense of despair when I see how far we have to change. If all our public representatives and decision makers participated in a Community Powerdown course, they might get a clearer picture of what’s needed to make our planet’s future secure.”  

                -Jane Powers, Journalist, Irish Times