Queen?s University Transition Towns Workshop

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Report of Transition Towns Workshop held 25th June, 2008

As part of the Queen’s University MSc Leadership for Sustainable Development group project, we organised a Transition Towns workshop, providing information on the problems of climate change and the imminent peak oil crisis, the Powerdown course and Transition Towns.

There were 16 participants at this workshop, which included academics, students and also people that just want to find out more about this issue. Sarah McCully, one of the three group project students, began by giving a brief introductory to the evening’s event.

Davie Philip, Education Manager at Cultivate Centre, gave an overview of the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change and outlined Cultivate's Powerdown course and exhibition.  Davie also outlined the Transition Town movement and talked more in depth about The Village project.


To break up the session we organised a facilitation exercise. We asked the participants to actively think about the positive and negative effects that climate change and peak oil will have on society.  They were to create what they thoughta newspaper headline would read in ten years time. The participants were split into four groups and the ideas generated were excellent.

John Barry, co-chair of the Green Party and one of the founding members of Holywood Transition Towns, gave an overview of the politics, ethics and cultural dynamics of preparing people for the transition towns initiative.  He also spoke about the Holywood Transition Towns movement.

Fiona Chan, Sarah McCully and Coleen O’Higgins