Midleton Transition Initiative

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Hello from Midleton, I feel like the 'Midleton Jury' at Eurovision! But well done for all the inspiring ideas and here is what we (still a small group) are up to:

1. Stall at Midleton Food and Drink festival in September to promote local food production

2. Allottments working group to identify if demand exists and then to locate site

3. Our Big One: November 15th seminar on 'Feeding East Cork post cheap Oil'  with speakers Colin Campbell ASPO, Darina Allen and one other to be arranged.

4. Following this up with a visit from Simon Snowden of Liverpool University who works on business' oil vulnerablity. I just risked emailing him and he agreed so maybe when he is in Ireland he could visit other groups too? Anyone interested contact me and I'll try to coordinate something (with his agreement).

Also, our local Development Association asked us to fill out an Indicative Actions plan looking for funding for a facilitator for 4 years under the rural development programme so say a prayer for us please.

Thanks to you all for your continued inspiration, Grace