Holywood Transition Initiative

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News from holywood: We had a second public meeting (again on local food) and have now pinned down a list of individuals tackling different aspects of local food post peak. We are a quietish summer but some events planned later:

1) Stall at the Saturday market with a cow as an eye-catcher to pull people in to a guessing competition about how much oil it takes to get the cow to market, etc.

2) Sit down local food celebration in September for about 200 in one of the polytunnels of the local box-scheme organic farm for an opportunity to taste local food, party and hear someone from outside speaking about transition town (speaker to be confirmed).

3) Mid October film and discussion on local energy use and resources.

4) Mid November launch of local livlihoods working group attempting to look at the vulnerability of some pilot local businesses to oil.

5) Early December launch of working group on money / non-money exchange systems.

We have set up a pretty basic wiki site ( lot more work to do on this) but it gives some basic info: www.HolywoodTransitionTown.org

Best wishes for the summer,