Comber Transition Initiative

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Hello all, after much spreading of the word, and continuous encouragement from all your activities, we in Comber have a start, a first event in the offing warming up for an August wave (after 12th of July celebrations).

The ecological footprint banner idea (personal favourite):  We will have display board with 10 ways to improve your ecological footprint each of a different colour.  The public choose 1 or more and putting bare feet in associated colours place their footprint on a prepared banner, a physical mark of their commitment to change. The banner is covered in footprints of all shapes, sizes, and colours.  In the middle of each section is the 'Transition Towns' logo. Afterwards people wash or have their feet washed by Comber TT individuals and further discuss the ideas of climate change and peak oil. We will gather names and hope this will lead to a group gathering post summer.  We can record main areas of interest and see what to move forward with.  The banner will be taken as part of Comber migration of Brent Goose festival from Comber Square to Castle Espie (local WWT centre about 3 miles away) by lots of walkers and cyclists involved in the festival and TT in September.

Now I will go camping for 3 weeks with my family and will return energised!

Thanks, Rachael Ludlow-Williams