Balbriggan Transition Initiative

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The first meeting of Balbriggan In Transition took place on 28th June 2008 in the Town Hall at 2pm. The meeting attracted 60 people from near & far (New York but not just for us) to hear about the concept of Transition from Davie Philip of Cultivate. Davie gave a Transition presentation, outlining the key drivers behind Transition Initiatives (Peak Oil & Climate Change) and community responses available to mitigate the effects. There then followed a Q&A session where terms like resilience & sustainability were explained and defined in the Transition context. The Minister for Food & Horticulture, Trevor Sargent then gave a local context to Transition by explaining that Balbriggan was once a self sufficient town and that it could and should be once again.

The attendees were then asked to form small groups (of about 6 people) and write up the front page of a Balbriggan newspaper for the date 28th June 2018. There were some interesting interpretations on the theme, most of the groups however conveyed a message of a localised future. There were articles about wave/tide power, seaweed, farmers markets, biofuels and bicycles. At the end of the meeting some of the attendees stayed behind to register their interest in getting involved in setting up a Transition Group in Balbriggan. 

For further detail, see the Balbriggan In Transition page on Facebook or call 087 4176541 / 01 8900360.

photo: Ciaran Finn