Wicklow TT

Friday 28 November | 12.30 p.m. | Dominican Ecology Centre


You are invited to meet the Minister, hear his views on the issues facing us at this time and think about how we might address them together. If you know someone who would like to contribute and become involved please feel free to bring them along . What could be more rewarding than building a better future for our children and grand-children?.

R.S.V.P.  MsAideen Klauer: e-mail.address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wicklow Transition Town Initiative

Since May this year a growing number of people in Wicklow have been exploring the notion of Transition Towns.  The movement began in Kinsale in 2003 and has now spread to hundreds of towns and villages across the world. An information session, attended by about 50 people, was held in the Ecology Centre last May.  Between September and November a series of 8 evening sessions were held by way of exploring the idea further. The key issues are Peak Oil and Climate Change. We have grown used to having plentiful and cheap oil and it is hard to imagine life without it. The Transition Movement is not about doom and gloom but about building resilience. It is about encouraging local food production, community based waste-management, energy-saving initiatives and local sustainable businesses. In fact life could be better because people can live healthier lives, be more involved with their communities and spend less time in traffic jams. Ireland is very vulnerable because 90% of our food comes from abroad. The buzz words are “skilling up for power-down”.