15 Environmental Groups Oppose Bus Cuts

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20 January 2009

15 environmental groups have called for the reversal in cuts in Dublin public transport

‘Both Bus Éireann and Dublin Bus have begun a downward spiral that will make our car dependency even worse. This is against every environmental and sustainable principle’, the groups claim.

Friends of the Irish Environment said that environmental groups had come together because the decision signaled that urban transport was ‘going the wrong way.’

These cuts make any moves to limit private transport in the city even more remote than they are now. Ireland’s transport emissions are the fastest growing source of our greenhouse gases. ‘

Realistic public transport systems in a major urban areas like Dublin must not be run down for short sighted economies.

There is no rational system of shared routes between bus companies in Dublin and no alternative bus service on offer in most of the Dublin metropolitan region. Savings could be made by deploying fleets more effectively. Introducing attractive interconnected ticket-vending machines at major bus stops would also mean buses spend less time selling tickets to customers and more time on the move.

These cuts undermine the effort going into creating more bus lanes in Dublin. Less buses mean less effective use of bus lanes.

It is critical that additional road capacity like the new 3rd lane on the M50 be reserved for public transport. There are huge areas of Dublin (especially along the M50 in the west) where employees and others have no choice but to use cars.

A spokesperson for the groups said that ‘While cuts in public transport are a disaster at any time this is especially true when people have less money. The unemployed need access to job opportunities. And people are likely to have to sell their cars for financial reasons.’

Contacts: Molly Walsh. Policy Officer, Friends of the Earth | 087-9252820

Tony Lowes, Friends of the Irish Environment | 087 2176316

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