The Power of Community: From oil dependency to local resiliency

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An opportunity for East Meath

April 9, 2009 | 7:30pm | Sonairte, Laytown Road | 087 235 3792 | €Free ( Includes light supper, t/c )

Short film & talk with Davie Phillips of Cultivate.

If we are going to live with less, let's have more of the things that really matter: resilient communities, vibrant neighbourhoods, being creative & healthy living.

Community Powerdown is a learning programme, developed by Cultivate, Living and Learning Centre, Dublin, to help empower people to positively respond to the global challenges we face today. The programme supports a strategic shift towards global citizenship, ecological thinking and sustainability focused at a community level. Central to this is the concept of resilience - the capability of communities to hold together, adapt and maintain their ability to function in response to change.