Author Fred Pearce: "Water- the defining crisis of the 21st Century. How should we respond?"

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Friday 19th October | 7.30pm | Cultivate Centre | €10 

Progressio Ireland and Cultivate invite you to a presentation and discussion with Fred Pearce, world renowned environment journalist and writer. 

Fred Pearce is a regular broadcaster on radio and TV, with interview credits that include Radio 4's Today Programme, Richard and Judy, and the Open University. He is former news editor at New Scientist and currently that magazine's environment and development consultant. Fred also writes for Popular Science, Time, the Boston Globe, and Natural History.

His books include Earth Then and Now, When the Rivers Run Dry, The Last Generation, Keepers of the Spring, Turning Up the Heat, and Deep Jungle

Fred's most recent books are:

When the Rivers Run Dry: Water--The Defining Crisis of the Twenty-First Century

Throughout history, rivers have been our foremost source of fresh water both for agriculture and for individual consumption, but now economists say that by 2025 water scarcity will cut global food production by more than the current U.S. grain harvest. In this groundbreaking book, Fred Pearce focuses on the dire state of the world's rivers to provide our most complete portrait yet of the growing world water crisis and its ramifications for us all.

Reviewed by:

David Bellamy: "Of all the travel books I have ever read this is the most frightening, the most inspiring and the most important . . . A book every politician must be made to read and understand."

Bill McKibben, Author of The End of Nature: "Oil we can replace. Water we can't-which is why this book is both so ominous and so important."

The Sunday Times: "River by river, continent by continent, Pearce illuminates the folly of trying to control a natural force with concrete and steel...The lessons are there to be learnt. All those responsible for learning them should stay their hand until they have read this book."

Lester Brown, President, Earth Policy Institute: "Carefully researched and clearly written, When the Rivers Run Dry is a landmark contribution to our understanding of the deteriorating world water situation. It is Fred Pearce at his best."

The Last Generation

This is the story that scientists are scared to tell us, because they fear they won't be believed. Fred documents how man-made global warming is on the verge of unleashing unstoppable planetary forces. Biological and geological monsters are being woken, and when they wake, they will consume us. The process will not be gradual.

"Fred Pearce is one of Britain's finest science writers. This is a very fine book. Read it yourself and then press it into the hands of the nearest sceptic." - The Sunday Times