Mandala Painting Workshops

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il tempio del tempo piccino.jpg In Sanskrit, the ancient sacred language of India, Mandala means circle.   Mandala is traditionally a geometric projection of the world, it belongs to a symbolic universe representing two aspects of life, the material and the divine, spiritual dimension.

Nowadays, Mandala can be used and lived as an artistic expression that can guide us in the search for our Being. It helps us to reconnect ourselves with our inner centre, to take central aspects of our lives back, to bring us to the here and now, to create space for consciousness and new, positive understanding. That's why it is an amazing meditative technique, that works through the symmetric repetition of forms and colours, creating space and silence within. Geometry becomes the ground for creativity to blossom, a starting point from where everyone can discover to 'be able' and be amazed.

To attend  it is NOT necessary to know how to draw/paint or to have any artistic skills.

To book and for more info: Francesca | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | | ph. 085 1302999

Mandala Painting Workshop with colouring pencils

26 September & 3 October  |   10am - 5pm

Mandala Painting Course with water colours, over 3 Saturdays

Venue: Dublin City Centre (TBC)