Tribal Bellydance Basics with Ronelle Tibaldi

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Tribal Bellydancer Part of the 4th Health & Yoga Day(s)

Sunday 10th January 2010 | 12:45 - 13:45 | Ground Floor  | €Included in ticket for 4th Health & Yoga Day(s) | Cultivate | Tickets available from Cultivate and most participating organisations and teachers

Learn the foundation movements and posture that are the basis of Tribal Bellydance.

Tribal Bellydance is an intense, muscular form of bellydance so be prepared to work hard.

The class is split into Slow and Fast. In each section dancers will learn and drill the movements, and we will put them together into an improvised dance at the end of the class.

This workshop is suited for beginners or for dancers who want to go back to basics and polish their technique.

Participants can wear comfortable, lose clothing and no shoes (socks are ok though)!