Hatha Yoga - Dynamising the Power Centres for Health, Happiness & Harmony with Marc Allen

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Stretch at Sea Part of the 4th Health & Yoga Day(s)

Saturday 9th January 2010 | 15:15 - 16:30 | 2nd Floor Right - Studio | €Included in ticket for 4th Health & Yoga Day(s) | Cultivate | Tickets available from Cultivate and most participating organisations and teachers

One of the main ideas in Yoga is that we have within ourselves an immense power and vast possibilities only that we do not know how to use them. Modern science informs us that we are using only 4% of our brain, yet through the ancient science of Yoga we learn ways to expand and develop the consciousness, unlocking all of our latent abilities, to the greatest extent. Through Yoga we gain complete awareness of who we truly are and what we can become.

In this workshop we will practice traditional Hatha Yoga and discover how the asanas (postures), often considered merely as bodily exercises to improve fitness/flexibility, are in fact very accurate and complex procedures of accumulating certain types of energy at specific levels of our being.

flower According to the Yoga tradition, the human body is a field of pulsating energy which receives energy from the Universe. The various energies are channeled through specific nadis (known in acupuncture as meridians) and they come together in key energetical vortex’s called chakras. In the microcosm of our being we have 7 main chakras and these correspond to the 7 fundamental, gigantic energy planes of frequency of the Universe (macro-cosm). We receive different types of energy through different chakras, according to the frequency of vibration. For example, we receive the energy of Love through the heart chakra.

The chakras are like energetical flowers which can be closed, budding or fully open. Thus, although everybody has chakras, in many people they remain in a latent state, closed. Only when they are open (through a sufficient activation) can the corresponding energies of the Universe be attracted and accumulated in our aura/energetic system, triggering specific effects and qualities which can be felt on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual). This occurs through the process of resonance.

From this perspective, it is the harmonious energising of all the chakras which is the fundamental key for having perfect physical and mental health, for awakening the latent powers of the mind and for accelerating the spiritual evolution.

In this way, one gradually realizes a complete opening towards the Universe and gains total access to the energetic environment. And from then on, the human being participates in the Eternal Life of the Universe in the same way that a drop of water participates in the life of the ocean.

About Tara Yoga Centre

Tara Yoga Centre has been running courses in England since 1999 and in Ireland since 2004. It is part of an international group of Yoga schools known as ATMAN – The World Federation for Yoga and Meditation which comprises more than 35,000 students world wide. Each member school is a non-profit organisation committed to the same goal - to promote classical Yoga and Tantra, and to unite and integrate the spiritual practice with the commitments of the modern social life.

In Dublin, Tara Yoga Centre offers ongoing courses and workshops in Integral Yoga, Intensive Tantra and also runs a Spiritual group for Women. These courses represent a step by step approach in the secret oral tradition of the Tantric schools of India and Tibet. It is an Integral Yoga School pointing out the coexistence and complementary nature of the apparently different yoga philosophies, which in fact are complementing rather than excluding each other.