Rethinking the City 2009 - Making the Transition to Resilience

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Now in its sixth year, this conference has helped move Ireland’s urban environments towards sustainability. This year’s event offers solutions for some of the most pressing issues of our time, including new visions for enterprise, transport, food, energy and building.

Friday 24th April 2009 | 09.00 - 17.00 | Cultivate Center | €100 / €80 concessions (includes a light lunch)

Rethinking the City brings together stakeholders from a wide variety of sectors to explore solutions for today's energy, climate and economic crises.


Supported by Dublin City Council, COMHAR, Department of Environment, Heritage, and Local Government,Change Campaign, Sustainable Energy Ireland and Power of One.

Why are our cities vulnerable? What actions and positive changes will we need to make to improve the quality of life in our cities? How will we provide livelihoods? What are the opportunities to future proof our buildings and heat and power our neighborhoods?  How do ordinary people participate in addressing the ever more complex problems facing us today?  All of this will require a systemic and multi-disciplinary approach to enable the development of resilience in our communities.


9.00  Registration

9.30  Opening

Conversation Starters

9.35  Why are our cities vulnerable?
David Healy, Fingal County Councilor and Michael Donnelly, RealEyes Sustainability Ltd.

9.50  How do we power our communities?
Owen Lewis, CEO, SEI and Gavin Harte, Energy Smart Communities

10.05 How do we future proof our neighborhoods?
Owen O’Doherty, Assistant City Architect, DCC and Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales

10.20 Why is car dependency at the heart of a city’s vulnerability?
Ciaran Fallon, Cycling Officer, DCC and Koy Thomson, CEO, London Cycling Campaign 

10.35 Break

10.50 World Café (view YouTube clip about World Café)

“Given where we are at what are you already doing to build resilience in the city?”

11.50 World Café plenary

12.30  Lunch

Conversation Starters

14.00 What can we grow in the city?
Gerry Clabby, Fingal County Council and Kaethe Burt-O’Dea, Sitric Community Garden

14.15 How do foster enterprise and create livelihoods?
Mark Bennett, Green Business Officer, DCC and Ben Whelan, Director, Cultivate Centre

14.30 How do we learn to make the transition?
John Harrington, Director of RealEyes Sustainability Ltd., Davie Philip, Education Manager, Cultivate Centre and coordinator of the Irish Transition Towns Network and Colin Hines, Co-Director of Finance for the Future and former head of Greenpeace International’s Economics Unit

15.00 Break

15.15  World Café
(view YouTube clip about World Café)

“What would you like to do in your capacity to build resilience?”

16.15  Beyond The Talking Shop
This session will bring together the findings of the World Café and offer a number of opportunities to take the ideas generated further.

Facilitated by Chris Chapman, Change Exploratory and Michael Donnelly, RealEyes Sustainability Ltd.