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Community Projects

powerdown Cultivate hosts and supports a number of community focused projects. Projects include Community Resilience, The Network Directory, Sustainable Tourism, Education Directory and the Living and Learning eBulletin.

Green Works Programme Nov 2010 - June 2011

Green Works was a collaborative project (run from Nov 2010 through June 2011) of: Cultivate, NICER Training, Syspro, Woodrow Sustainable Solutions and Glas Learning. This nationwide educational programme offered free courses to jobseekers, with a focus on upskilling the workforce for the growing opportunities within Ireland's Green Economy. As part of Green Works students availed of a large variety of themed courses, FETAC certificates, workshops, work placements, lectures, networking and much more.  Legacy information here.

Green Works was a collaboration among:

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Sustainable Tourism Ireland

sustainable tourism Sustainable Tourism Ireland is an association dedicated to make tourism and conservation compatible, in order to contribute real benefits to the local economy and environment.

It operates as a network of several exciting and unique destinations and projects across Ireland that follow a code of sustainability.

Tourists can share an innovative and collaborative approach to travelling that will create an unforgettable experience.


Éasca - The Environmental and Sustainable Construction Association

Éasca, the Environmental and Sustainable Construction Association, launched in 2006 to support, accredit and promote sustainable construction in Ireland. Éasca's primary role is to act as an information service and to guide people towards companies who can contribute to delivering high and positive standards of sustainable construction and design. Éasca is based at Cultivate where you can drop in for information.

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