Jeremy Leggett - Peak oil meets climate change

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jeremy leggettLink to a YouTube video capturing Cultivate's March 13, 2007 session with Jeremy Leggett, "Connecting Climate Change and Peak Oil."  Filmed by Eoin Campbell and Rob Carr, produced and edited by Eoin Campbell and Davie Philip in the Cultivate Centre, April 2007.

Jeremy Leggett has been described by Time Magazine as 'one of the key players in putting the climate issue on the world agenda.' He was an award-winning scientist, oil-industry consultant, and Greenpeace campaigner before setting up 'solarcentury', the UK's largest independent solar electric solutions company...

... one of the UK's fastest growing tech companies, and winner of the FT-Treasury Inner City 100 Greenest Company award. His first book "The Carbon War" has been described by the Sunday Times as "the best book yet on the politics of global warming." and his second book "Half Gone - OIL, gas, hot air and the global energy crisis" focuses on two related dangers: how we'll run out of oil far sooner than we think and how burning what's left of it will warm our planet to a catastrophic level.