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A Question of SCALE Publication


A Question of SCALE: “Imagining a cooperative, community-led approach to regional resilience” (SCALE also being the acronym for Supply Chains and Local Economies).

Cultivate produced this framing paper with Green Foundation Ireland and the Green European Foundation. It is part of the Climate Emergency Economy transnational project, which includes Green House Think Tank, UK and GroenLinks, Netherlands.

The process began by bringing together some new, and old ideas for shortening supply chains and strengthening local economies into a position paper, which was distributed to 50 researchers and cooperative advocates. We then invited them to a webinar in September 2020 to discuss and build on the ideas. 10 illustrations as well as the findings from the webinar were then synthesised into the final framing paper.

The paper introduces and explores the potential of the Social and Solidarity economy, Doughnut Economics, Just Transition, The Commons, Community Wealth Building, Federated co-ops new co-operative approaches.

Question of Scale Framing Paper is available on the GEF website here..A Question of Scale - PDF

Contributors Include
Dr Oliver Moore (Centre for Co-Operative Studies at UCC, Cultivate and ARC2020).
Dr Noreen Byrne (Centre for Co-Operative Studies at UCC).
Kevin Flanagan (PhD Researcher at the Department of Anthropology, Maynooth University). Seán McCabe (TASC – Think-tank for Action on Social Change).
Sinéad Mercier (Consultant on climate change law and policy).
Dr Carol Power (Centre for Co-Operative Studies at UCC).
Davie Philip (Cultivate, ECOLISE)

Additional Research - Tommy Simpson (GFI)
Illustrations - Mel White (Cultivate/ XR)
Sub Editor - Ann O’Conarain (GFI)
Design - Maggie McEntee

The project is made possible with the financial support of the European Parliament to the Green European Foundation. The European Parliament is not responsible for the content of this publication.

You are here: Home Community Resilience A Question of SCALE Publication