The Powerdown Show DVD

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the powering up of community, creativity and culture

"Bursting with insightful analysis and creative solutions to the twin challenges of climate change and peak oil, The Powerdown Show is an inspirational pointer to life beyond fossil fuels. Essential viewing – a flash of light in the darkness."
- Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition Movement

DVD Video | ONLY €10 | Widescreen 16:9 | Running time 10 x 20 minutes


the powerdown show is a 10-part TV series that takes a fresh and engaging look at the community responses to the converging challenges of climate change and peak oil.   We have a golden opportunity to create a far better, more sustainable way of life. Millions around the world – many in your own community – are already making the transition to local resilience.  Your vision is needed too.

the ten films are a core element of Cultivate’s unique active-learning course:  Community Powerdown - Training for Leadership, Livelihoods and Local Resilience.  This course has been developed to support the Transition Movement.

Produced by Cultivate Centre, Dublin, Ireland. email: powerdown at cultivate dot ie.  Supported by BCI and DCTV.