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Convergence 2012 - Call to Action

Convergence 2012, coinciding with the Rio+20 Earth Summit, aims to highlight, and build upon, the many positive stories, ideas and initiatives emerging across the country. Taking place in venues all around Ireland during the same week as Rio +20, this event provides a positive platform for connecting, transforming and changing mindsets while showcasing the successful steps that many individuals and communities have already taken towards building a fair and resilient Ireland.  Read more...

CALL TO ACTION:  Click here to contact us with your ideas and input on Convergence 2012.

Convergence 2012 is a one-day celebration of sustainable development hosted in multiple locations around Ireland featuring:

  • a participative networking event bringing key stakeholders together;
  • an exhibit illuminating the best in sustainability across Ireland, including Government, business and community initiatives;  Read more...
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