Efficient & Reliable Solar Heating Systems

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  • Understand the solar thermal market in Ireland, its main drivers and the business opportunities it offers
  • Recognise the main characteristics of solar energy (daily & monthly profiles, diffuse & direct radiation, sun path diagram, shading)
  • Identify typical solar thermal applications (domestic hot water, space heating and pool heating) and associated system layouts
  • Know the major components of a system and how to specify them for durability and efficiency
  • Assess a site for a solar heating project in terms of hot water requirements and practical aspects of installation of solar collectors, cylinders, etc.
  • Size a solar thermal system for cost-effectiveness and assess the main parameters affecting its efficiency
  • Estimate the expected thermal output from a solar heating system and conduct a simple lifecycle cost analysis of the project
  • Be familiar with financial incentives & funding sources
  • Plan the installation and commissioning process, while being aware of regulatory framework as well as health and safety issues
  • Be aware of the latest innovations and exciting technologies in the field of solar thermal

Why do this workshop?  If you want to work in the area of planning or installing solar thermal systems or as an energy advisor to homeowners

This workshop is led by Xavier Dubuisson, one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy consultants with over 13 years experience in this area and an outstanding track-record as a lecturer and trainer.