An Introduction to Alternative Trading Systems

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The Theory

10.00 - 11.00  “Rethinking Money” - Brian Dillon

  • A brief history of money
  • Modern money creation
  • Trade in a local economy
  • Impacts of credit issued money on a local economy
  • The growth fetish
  • Credit destruction in a future of declining resources

“Looking at Future Scenarios” - Phoebe Bright

  • Celtic Kitten
  • Celtic Fox
  • Celtic Hedgehog
  • Celtic Pheonix

11.00 - Tea/Coffee Break

What are the Options?

11:10 Alternative Trading Systems – An introduction to some of the many options
Low Tech and Traditional Solutions - Including LETs, Paper Currencies and Mutual Credit - Brian Dillon | Overview - 20mins ; Table exercise - 20 mins

11:50 Promisary Solutions - Elaine Gard
Overview - 20mins; Table exercise - 20 mins

12:30 High Tech Solutions - Bitcoin, LQN, TradeTrust - Phoebe Bright
Overview - 20mins; Table exercise - 20 mins

13.00 - Lunch Break
BYO / Lunch available at canteen at reasonable price |  A final opportunity to trade in the Liquidity Network game. Who traded the most?

14.00 - 15.00 Timebased Solutions - Timebanks, TimeDollar - Louise Oppermann
Overview - 20mins; Table exercise - 20 mins

14.40 Future Orchards - A Case Study - Elaine Gard
Minting our own money!

15:00 - 15:30 Cork LETS - Natasha Harty (Poster of another LETS event organised by Natasha, 6pm, Monday 27th June)

15.30 - 16.00  SkillStore - Progression from Student to Active Citizenship - Louise Oppermann, Community Timebank

And Finally...

16:00 Final Exercise for each Table:

"1st August 2011: Royal Bank of Scotland Groups (2nd largest bank in the world) computers admits that a computer virus has started deleting random records across is systems. It is not known how many other banks are effected.  Over the space of a day, all the banks in the world shutdown while they try to sort out the mess.  Due to the complexity and interconnections between banks, this could take some time. People still have money in the bank but they are unable to access it.  You, as the local expert on local currencies having attended a workshop in June, are asked for your advice by your local community as to what should be done in order to keep the local economy going until this crisis passes.  Your answer is....."

16:30 Feedback/Tea/Coffee