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Since the year 2000 Cultivate have held Convergence, Ireland’s longest running sustainable living festival. This regular series of events have explored issues around community resilience, sustainability and how we transition to a society that works for all.

Cultivate and our partners, WeCreate Workspace and the P2P Foundation are delighted to invite you to the 19th Convergence that brings together cooperative advocates, community activists, and commons animators to share perspectives and ideas on the question:

“How can a commons-based collaborative economy strengthen the resilience of our communities?”

Open Everything

A Collaborative Economy Convergence

Dublin, Limerick, Cloughjordan

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Community Resilience at the Body & Soul

Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th June 2011 | Ballinlough Castle, County Westmeath

Two one-hour Convergence events will take place at the wonderful Body and Soul Festival which is more about the atmosphere and community than main attractions and hype. Body and Soul festival goers enjoy an 'experience', rather than just a gig and it is sustainability conscious, although not too in-your-face. See full details at

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